People First Quality Checkers

The aim of our services evaluation is to ensure that all people, especially people with Learning Disabilities, are welcomed and respected as equal members of society.

People First Quality Checkers offer an independent evaluation of all services for adults with a learning disability. Our team also delivers citizenship training and workshops, consultations and presentations.

Click here to read an article about us published in Learning Disability Today magazine in 2014.

People First Evaluation Resources and Services

People First Quality Checkers resources and services are also available on the Cornwall People First Shop, funded by Santander Social Enterprise Development Award for the South of England 2014.

The foundation of our services is The 7 Keys to Citizenship, a person-centred system based on the work of Professor Simon Duffy and Self Advocate Wendy Perez from The Centre of Welfare Reform. The 7 Keys to Citizenship identify and offer unique solutions to the particular problems that people with learning disabilities face that prevent them from being full citizens in their community.

The team work throughout the South West. See our Services for more details. The project is run as part of Cornwall People First. Visit or return to the Cornwall People first homepage here.